Happy Birthday Isabella

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Isabella turned 2 on Friday, September 12. We decided not to have a party for Isabella this year. We kind of had no choice. No house to throw a party in and she's still young enough to not really understand. Instead I brought cupcakes to Isabella's daycare and we took her out to lunch. Ethan and I showed up and Isabella was cranky in a sad way. I think she was upset that Ethan and I were there encroaching on her private space. The time we arrived the kids were just put down for their nap. I had no idea that on Fridays they go down an hour earlier! So Ethan and I had cupcakes, hats, plates and napkins and no guest to share them with. It was all so sad.

This is Isabella's daycare buddy, Sacha. She talks about him from time to time.

At home, Isabella arranged her babies around Ethan.

Here she is feeding both babies.

She wasn't in the mood to eat her cupcake at daycare, but when we got home she thoroughly enjoyed it.

On Saturday, we took Isabella to the LA Zoo. It was so crowded and hot! It was just starting to cool down too. We'll have to make it up to her next year!


ratdog99 said...

Isabella's so cute. And Ethan's wearing one of our favorites onesies w/ the squirrel. Can't wait to see you!!