Date Night

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ed and I went out to dinner on a Friday night without the kids...the first in a very long time. It would have been a perfect date night if Ed's boss weren't also with us. Although, it wouldn't have been as good without his boss picking up the bill! Nice! We had a delicious dinner at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi - a real Italian restaurant with real Italian waiters. The food was mouthwatering, the wine was smooth (and a nice pretty penny) and the sightseeing pretty spectacular. I can still taste the butternut squash ravioli. Hmm...and I ordered the lemon butter Dover sole. It was so good I had to make it this week! The restaurant is quaint and a small space so the tables are nestled close together. We sat next to some random celebrities...Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Larry David and Chris Robinson (from the Black Crowes). After dinner we did the Hollywood thing and had drinks at the Roosevelt. It was a fun, fun night.

So who looked after the kids? Auntie Ann to the rescue. My sister Ann has been a 3rd grade teacher for about 10 years. So she's got energy to make it through the day...after day...after day. When I came to pick up the kids, she looked relieved. I forget how much work it is when you don't have them with you everyday.

This is one of their conversations:

Ann: Izzy
Isabella: My name not Izzy, it Bella
Ann: Bella, what do you want for lunch?
Isabella: Cupcakes

~ ~ ~ ~

Ann: Bella, what do you want for dinner?
Isabella: Cupcakes

Too funny. No, I don't feed her cupcakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. She does refer to herself as "Bella" or "Isbella", but she's never corrected us when we call her other nicknames (Izzy, Bella, Isbobella, Isbolicious).

Thanks Ann for babysitting!