Noah's Ark

Friday, June 05, 2009

Last month Ed had to go away on a trip so I took the kids to the Noah's Ark exhibit. If you're in the area and you have kids it's definitely worth going. It's better for kids three and up. There's this section the kids have to climb a rope bridge to get to the second level. The bridge is extremely steep. Isabella really wanted to go up it. I had Ethan in my arms and I waited behind her. Other kids with their parents came behind me and asked if I was going up so I kind of got prodded along. Midway Izzy got scared and said she couldn't go up it anymore. I had to pull her up with Ethan in my arms. Not a good decision. Bad mommy. I could have easily slipped and dropped Ethan. I was sweating the whole way up. We finally go up there and it was fun. Only I didn't have my camera to take pictures of us.