"What is your specialty in life?"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Since moving to LA we've been moving a mile a minute. I've been more and more disconnected from the things that make me feel good (other than my hubby and kids). We've been working on a project at work and have been designing questions to profile people. One question read, "What's your specialty in life?" Odd question, I thought. I interpreted it to mean "what am I good at?" I immediately thought of crafty things and things that require working with my hands. It had been a long time since I've carved out time to do these things. And this is when I began to question what makes me happy.

I love building things. I get great satisfaction and serenity with transforming things into something new. Be it cooking, baking, e-scrapbooking (which I hardly do), working on puzzles, decorating, or trying to design and redesign my blog. This is not to say that I'm great at anyone of these things, but that I enjoy doing it.

As I was redesigning my blog, I stumbled onto a few sites that have brought me inspiration and have become my muse to get me back on track.

Some sites to visit:
And my secret pleasure is reading NieNie Dialogues. Stories from the uplifting and crafty mother of four.


Call Family said...

Wow Lydia-I am amazed at how NieNie's story spread-I started by first reading her sisters blog and then heard of Stephenie's blog after the crash as they are LDS as am I and news spreads in our church. She is truly amazing and inspiring as a mother and woman!

It can be easy to lose that time for things that make us happy as our own person and that stuff pops up in our minds on occasion and allows us the mental break we might be needing at that time. I think you are great in your specialties. I love what you and Ed have done in making your home your own-its truly beautiful!

And I love your new blog layout!

The Kremer Family said...

I happened upon her blog last year before the accident and instantly became a fan. There's something about the way she writes about her relationship with her husband and celebration of her kids that is inspirational. Apparently, I'm not the only one. It is amazing to see one person have such an affect on strangers and yet so many "friends" have shown support after the accident.