Oh the stages of pregnancy

Friday, December 08, 2006

I thought it would be fun to chronical the stages of pregnancy with pictures. I forgot how big I really got in the final weeks. Most expecting mothers have 40 weeks of pregnancy, but since I only got to 37 weeks. Imagine if I delivered at 40 weeks, or worse what if I was late! Yikes! I loved all stages of my pregnancy. I grew a bit attached to my growing belly. The best part of it was feeling the baby move, squirm and kick. Although, I have to say that I never quite figured out which body part was what. Was that her elbow, knee, head, arm, butt???

After the delivery, I was aware that I would look like I was still pregnany, but I still wasn't prepared to see how big I still was. By the 4th day post delivery I had lost 20 lbs. At first the belly that I was left with freaked me out. I'm so happy that it is now getting back to normal. The line on the tummy is disappearing and the loose skin is no more. Thank god! What no one ever tells you is how your body will change. I'm about 7 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body is still very different. I have love handles!!! Yuck! Most of my pants don't fit the same and a lot of my fitted shirts don't fit either. I was hoping that I could bounce back like Heidi Klum, ha ha ha...ya right.