Random pictures

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Here's my hand at some creative holiday pictures. I took these after I ordered my christmas cards, but at least I get to show them off here. BTW, I stole the ideas from some mommies I met through a baby bulletin board so I can't take all the credit.

Somehow, we've started a collection of stuffed giraffes. So my latest purchase was a standing giraffe that I bought on craigstlist for $6. Isabella's a little too small for it yet, but with a little help she entertains us with it. Ed's parents are sending us a 5 foot giraffe. Don't know where we'll put it, but it'll add height to the collection.

One day I asked Ed to watch Isabella while I made a trip to the grocery store. I came home and she had passed out on his chest. She looked so cute and peaceful. And no, Ed wasn't drunk. He ALWAYS looks like that in pictures.


Christine said...

Oh I love these pictures! Send me the original file! I want to order them and frame one! So cool!