Cupcake Stand

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So I've decided to make cupcakes for Isabella's birthday. I envisioned the perfect cupcake stand and have done extensive research. I finally found a source that explains how to build one. So I did...well, almost. I still need to finish wrapping some parts with ribbon. I couldn't find the right size cake drums so I purchased cake boards. I took four and stacked them up, then wrapped them in foil. That's why my edges with the ribbon look a little lumpy. I could double up the ribbon to cover it up, but that would be wasting the ribbon. I would either have purchased the cake drums online or used some seam tape or something and used my pretty ribbon on top.

This is what it is supposed to look like (click on the image to go directly to the website for the instructions):

This is the cupcake stand that I made.

I've been looking for the right cupcake and frosting recipe. I tried Magnolia's Vanilla Cupcake recipe through the Food Network website. The cake was really good. The frosting was a bit more like icing and a little too sugary for my taste. People at work loved the icing. But if you follow the recipe, I would definitely whip the butter first, then add the sugar and milk.

I was inspired by Martha Stewart's very cute ladybug cupcakes. So I tried her One Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe with her Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting recipe. The chocolate cake was pretty good. And one batch made 12 extra large and 12 regular size cupcakes. There was plenty of cake batter. The buttercream was a little too buttery. So, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect frosting. I loved the consistency of the buttercream. It was so light and airy. It wasn't too sweet, but it left that creamy feeling on the tongue. People at work have been loving my experimentations. They've been getting the benefits of tasting all of the cupcakes.

I will definitely take pictures of the birthday party. I still haven't quite figured out the decorations yet. But I've got a few ideas.


Christine said...

Okay, if you make those for Isabella's birthday, you BETTER save me at least two. Don't let everyone eat them or take them home!

The Call Family said...

Cute I love cupcakes, they have becme kind of like a hobby for me although I don't get much time to make them, they are super yummy!!!!

Chase had chocolate ones for his birthday but since tme for prep was limited, I went with the store bought 1/2 less sugar mix with Splenda from Pilsbury I think it was. They make frosting too. They were quite yummy, I was impressed.

The Martha Stewart cupcakes are super cute. My friend used her Monkey cake recipe which was adorable.

Ahhh....They are ONE, not babies any more! BOO HOO!!! It goes by too fast and Chase was our last:(