Tooth about the spring

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yes, it is true. A tooth is about the break through. I picked up Isabella from daycare today and Vida said that her tooth is about to come any day. She has a technique that always lets her know so she showed me. With a metal spoon she taps on the gum and sure enough I heard the sound of a tooth hitting the spoon. I haven't been able to pry into her mouth to check myself, but I'll try tomorrow.

More big news...she's tried standing on her own. She'll stand up and let go for about 5 seconds while trying to get her balance. And she's been more and more vocal. She'll try to mimic anything. I'll say things like, "let's have some breakfast" and she'll mumble after me trying to say breakfast. Of course it comes out something like "mreh-mreh" but she has to syllables right and tries to pronounce the r's. Trying to get it on video is near impossible. But I will keep trying.